25 Sep, Sunday
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TOP KVM virtual machines are standard fare in shared Linux servers. But here we will talk about using KVM in a desktop environment and strategize how to use it for privacy. KVM is an incredibly practical tool for coming up with

This DEFCON 27 workshop will take student’s Wireshark skills to the next level with a heavy emphasis on incident response, threat hunting, and malicious network traffic analysis. We will begin with a brief introduction to Wireshark and other Network Security

Tips, tools and how-tos for a safer online communications. A PROJECT OF THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION We’re the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an independent non-profit working to protect online privacy for nearly thirty years. This is Surveillance Self-Defense : our expert guide

Maltego is a data mining tool that mines a variety of open-source data resources and uses that data to create graphs for analyzing connections. The graphs allow you to easily make connections between information such as name, email organizational structure,