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Overview The tool can be used to encrypt the shellcode in XOR or AES encryption.To encrypt the shellcode we can pass the file path argument or the URL from which the tool will download and encrypt the shellcode with specify encryption

(CVE-2018-13379) Exploitation Tool, You can use this tool to check the vulnerability in your FortiGate SSL-VPN. At the recent Black Hat 2019 conference held in Las Vegas this past August 3-8, security researchers discussed their discovery of security vulnerabilities that impacted

This DEFCON 27 workshop will take student’s Wireshark skills to the next level with a heavy emphasis on incident response, threat hunting, and malicious network traffic analysis. We will begin with a brief introduction to Wireshark and other Network Security

A project written by Thomas Laurenson, SecureMilkCarton is an intentionally vulnerable Java web application that runs on Apache Tomcat. Introduction It seems vulnerable web applications for learning hacking or penetration testing are a dime-a-dozen. SecureMilkCarton is different, it has been specifically designed to learn how to