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A newly discovered data exfiltration mechanism employs Ethernet cables as a "transmitting antenna" to stealthily siphon highly-sensitive data from air-gapped systems, according to the latest research. "It's interesting that the wires that came to protect the air-gap become the vulnerability of

Being able to install Linux apps on Chrome OS opens up some fascinating new possibilities — particularly if you're an advanced user. After all, while a Chromebook's standard combo of web apps, Chrome apps, and Android apps is more than sufficient for most folks' needs,

Last Thursday afternoon, Mac users everywhere began complaining of a crippling slowdown when opening apps. The cause: online certificate checks Apple performs each time a user opens an app not downloaded from the App Store. The mass upgrade to Big Sur, it

An Australian cyber security company has launched a hand-held device to track unauthorised Wi-Fi connections. HackHunter chief executive Tracie Thompson said the device, HackHunter Pursuit, was designed to stop "man in the middle" or "evil twin" attacks, where hackers mimiced legitimate