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A newly discovered data exfiltration mechanism employs Ethernet cables as a "transmitting antenna" to stealthily siphon highly-sensitive data from air-gapped systems, according to the latest research. "It's interesting that the wires that came to protect the air-gap become the vulnerability of

Amsterdam [Netherlands], April 19 (ANI): Chinese telecoms equipment supplier Huawei was able to monitor all the phone conversations made through the Netherlands's largest mobile network, reported Dutch News citing Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. Huwaei was able to listen in to conversations made

Last week, following riots that saw supporters of President Trump breach and sack parts of the Capitol building, Facebook and Twitter made the decision to give the president the boot. That was notable enough, given that both companies had previously treated the

U.S. District Judge Michael Truncale sentenced a Texas man to 480 months in federal prison on child exploitation charges related to a post on an undisclosed onion service. Alexander Nathan Barter, 23, of Joaquin, Texas, was arrested in 2018 after he had posted

Summary & Key Findings Circles is a surveillance firm that reportedly exploits weaknesses in the global mobile phone system to snoop on calls, texts, and the location of phones around the globe. Circles is affiliated with NSO Group, which develops the oft-abused Pegasus spyware.Circles,

If you thought electronic voting machines were insecure, wait 'til you meet online voting. Dr. Vanessa Teague is one frustrated cryptographer. A researcher at the University of Melbourne in Australia, Teague has twice demonstrated massive security flaws in the online voting systems

Only "good luck" prevented incorrect results at October election, report finds. Flaws in ACT's electronic voting system could have changed the result of the 2020 poll, cyber security experts say. The errors did not cause the wrong candidates to be

Big tech censorship strikes conservatives again. This time the target is One America News Network which has been suspended for one week and been demonetized by YouTube for allegedly posting a video promoting a cure for the COVID-19 China coronavirus. The

Cybersecurity researchers today unveiled a complex and targeted espionage attack on potential government sector victims in South East Asia that they believe was carried out by a sophisticated Chinese APT group at least since 2018. "The attack has a complex and