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Edward Snowden is a former National Security Agency contractor who exposed a secret surveillance program of American citizens. As one of the world's foremost privacy advocates, he thinks Bitcoin isn't private enough—and that an upcoming software update could make it worse. His comments

Problem An agent wants to maintain control over a resource but also wants to delegate their agency to another agent. Examples Alice is a CEO. She hires a ghost writer to publish blog articles in her name.Bob controls the credit limit on a

The US Justice Department has seized over US$1 billion (A$1.37 billion) worth of bitcoin cryptocurrency which it says are the part-proceeds of sales of illicit goods and services at the now defunct underground online marketplace Silk Road. US prosecutors said that when it

For some, Bitcoin has been and in many ways still is, a luxury. For others, it’s been a necessity from the beginning, whether as a mechanism to store their wealth, or as a way to send & receive payments without

Bitcoin is the perfect money in that it embodies all of the properties and functions of money — as a store of value (SoV), medium of exchange (MoE) and unit of account (UoA) — and does so in a way