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NCC Group has publishes comprehensive report detailing recent TA505 attack patterns

TA505 is a sophisticated and innovative threat actor, with plenty of cybercrime experience, that engages in targeted attacks across multiple sectors and geographies for financial gain. Over time, TA505 evolved from a lesser partner to a mature, self-subsisting and versatile crime operation with a broad spectrum of targets. Throughout the years the group heavily relied on third party services and tooling to support its fraudulent activities, however, the group now mostly operates independently from initial infection until monetization.

Throughout 2019, TA505 changed tactics and adopted a proven simple, although effective, attack strategy: encrypt a corporate network with ransomware, more specifically the Clop ransomware strain, and demand a ransom in Bitcoin to obtain the decryption key. Targets are selected in an opportunistic fashion and TA505 currently operates a broad attack arsenal of both in-house developed and publicly available tooling to exploit its victims. In the Netherlands, TA505 is notorious for their involvement on the Maastricht University incident in December 2019. 

To obtain a foothold within targeted networks, TA505 heavily relies on two pieces of malware: Get2/GetandGo and SDBbot. Get2/GetandGo functions as a simple loader responsible for gathering system information, C&C beaconing and command execution. SDBbot is the main remote access tool, written in C++ and downloaded by Get2/GetandGo, composed of three components: an installer, a loader and the RAT.

During the period March to June 2020, Fox-IT didn’t spot as many campaigns in which TA505 distributed their proven first stage malware. In early June 2020 however, TA505 continued to push their flavored GetandGo-SDBbot campaigns thereby slightly adjusting their chain of infection, now leveraging HTML redirects. In the meantime – and in line with other targeted ransomware gangs – TA505 started to operate a data leak platform dubbed “CL0P^_- LEAKS” on which stolen corporate data of non-paying victims is publicly disclosed.

The research outlined in this blog is focused around obtained Get2/GetandGo and SDBbot samples. We unpacked the captured samples and organized them within their related campaign. This resulted in providing us an accurate view on the working schedule of the TA505 group during the past year.

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